Erie County WIC Staff

Debora Jamison

Erie WIC Director

Jeffrey Rozier

Fiscal Manager

Lisa Scully, RD, LDN, CLC

Nutrition Education Coordinator, Hematology Coordinator

Laura Corwin, RD, CLC

Nutritionist, Breastfeeding Coordinator

Barbara Warner, RD, CLC

Nutritionist, Outreach Coordinator

Heather Fortsch, RD, CLC

Nutritionist, Computer Coordinator

Sharla Crockett

Nutritionist, Immunization Coordinator

Janelle Kaminski, CLC

Nutritionist, Anthropometric Coordinator

Sheila Myers

Nutritionist, Voter Registration Coordinator

Sheila Carey


Donna Rodland

Nutrition Tech, Clinic Manager

Anita Osuji

Nutrition Tech, Retail Store Coordinator

Mary Santiago

Bilingual Nutrition Technician

Yaslenne Pagan

Bilingual Nutrition Technician

Elayna Morrison

Nutrition Technician

Mattina Austin

Nutrition Technician

Bari Graham

Nutrition Technician

Jacqueline Thomas

Nutrition Technician, Website/ Social Media Coordinator

Taryn Hollarn


Eli Stroh

Nutrition Technician

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